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Flexible solutions and integrated services for industrial and retail real estate in Mexico. Opportunities to suit your real space requirements. Managed locally, with global expertise.

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FIBRA Macquarie, a premier owner of Mexican industrial and retail real estate, delivers strong operational and financial performance by putting its customers first. Its institutional management expertise and best-in-class internal property management platform drives value by unlocking growth opportunities. As of 30 September, 2019, FIBRA Macquarie comprised:


industrial properties


retail properties

20 cities

our portfolio locations

34.4 million sq ft

gross leasable area


total asset value


FIBRA Macquarie focuses on the acquisition, ownership, leasing and management of industrial and retail real estate properties in Mexico.

If you would like to discuss the sale of land or stabilized industrial or retail properties to FIBRA Macquarie, please contact our team via email at


FIBRA Macquarie’s industrial properties are located in the core manufacturing and logistics markets in Mexico. They are managed by an internal property management platform, with a team of seasoned, customer-focused real estate professionals.


FIBRA Macquarie’s retail properties are primarily located in Mexico’s top three retail markets of Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. Our shopping centers host basic services and entertainment retailers including many well-known names.

Leasing opportunities


Select from FIBRA Macquarie’s highly diversified portfolio of industrial and retail real estate opportunities.


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Our corporate office

Pedregal 24 Piso 21, Torre Virreyes
Lomas – Virreyes, Molino del Rey
11040, Ciudad de Mexico

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