Corporate Responsibility

Our philosophy

At FIBRA Macquarie, we strive to employ the best practices in environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG). It is important to us that we support the communities in which we operate and that our buildings are safe and environmentally friendly. We also understand the importance of maintaining a culture of transparency and a corporate governance framework that closely aligns the management of the business with the interests of customers and investors.

Since FIBRA Macquarie commenced operations in 2012, we have been committed to implementing best ESG practices by continuing to improve and enhance our internal processes. We participate in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), a global ESG benchmark for real estate firms, to help assess the ESG performance of our properties and portfolio.

Ethics and anti-corruption

FIBRA Macquarie recognizes that the success of our business is based on maintaining our good reputation. It is very important to us that we earn and maintain the trust of our customers, vendors, financial service providers, regulators, certificate holders, employees and other stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate. With this in mind, we have established a solid ethical framework that is embodied in everything we do.  

We maintain a culture of honesty and integrity that is captured in our code of conduct and corporate values, and is documented in ethics and anti-corruption clauses in the contracts we sign with customers and vendors.  

Our staff operate according to the principles of opportunity, accountability and integrity whereby they seek to identify and realize opportunities for our customers and investors while acting openly, honestly and fairly, taking responsibility for their actions and never compromising our standards. This culture is at the center of how we conduct business.

FIBRA Macquarie’s ethics and anti-corruption program has the following key elements:

  • the Ethics & Corporate Governance Committee oversees all elements of the program
  • our Code of Conduct must be reviewed annually by all staff
  • our Compliance and Integrity Officer is available to address concerns about FIBRA Macquarie’s operation via email at
  • Internal Audit function targets specific risk areas with the aim of identifying gaps in policies/procedures and recommending improvements
  • internal policies covering anti-bribery and corruption, transactions with related parties, staff personal dealing, procurement, conflicts of interest and whistleblowers
  • staff are provided with regular training on ethics and anti-corruption policies.

If you have any questions or concerns about FIBRA Macquarie’s ethics and anti-corruption program about FIBRA Macquarie’s operation, please contact the Integrity Officer/Compliance via email at Alternatively, contact can be made directly with the Audit and Practices Committee via email at Any concerns or concerns will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will be dealt with quickly and fairly.

Environmental sustainability

FIBRA Macquarie is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our properties by focusing on: 

  • reducing energy consumption
  • reducing water usage
  • using renewable energy solutions.

We are executing a number of projects, including:

  • Lighting replacement: replacing metal halide lighting with T5, T8 or LED lighting across the portfolio to reduce energy consumption
  • Skylight replacement: adding, replacing and upgrading skylights through a proactive skylight improvement campaign to reduce energy consumption and improve natural lighting in our buildings.
  • Landscaping: we consciously choose indigenous species for landscaping around our building, which reduces water consumption.
  • Renewable energy: we are implementing solar energy solutions across a number of our retail properties.

Additionally, our leases include environmental clauses that outline responsibilities (both ours and our customers) for the storage of chemicals, management of hydrocarbon spills and other environmental risks.

Social responsibility

FIBRA Macquarie is an active participant in various programs to help improve living conditions for people in the communities in which we operate. Through the Macquarie Foundation, the charitable arm of our manager, FIBRA Macquarie staff have participated in various campaigns including:

  • fundraising for victims of the 2017 earthquakes
  • supporting a local orphanage and retirement home
  • working with disadvantaged children in Chimalhuacan and Xochimilco, two of the poorest communities in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA).

In addition, our internal property administration platform maintains an active program of recycling and charitable giving that is open to all of its staff.

Corporate governance

FIBRA Macquarie is conscious of its obligations to its stakeholders. We believe that our business should operate in a manner that is transparent and fair, and be managed according to the highest ethical standards.  

On an ongoing basis, we review and strive to continually improve our corporate governance standards. We have implemented a new corporate governance framework, and changes to the code of conduct, committee charters and a number of our policies and procedures. Additionally, our Technical Committee is currently 83% independent, which represents one of the highest levels of independence in the industry.

More information can be found on the Corporate Governance page.

Learn more about our Technical Committee

Selected projects

FIBRA Macquarie has executed or been involved in a number of projects with the aim of improving various aspects of its corporate responsibility. The three projects below are the latest in our endeavor to continuously improve our organization and to ensure that we have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Memberships and affiliations

Our corporate office

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